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The Boldest Grill

Where Fire Meets Flavor

SKIRT, where culinary excellence meets the art of fire and flavors. Our concept revolves around the grill and wood fire, bringing a twist to your dining experience. At SKIRT, we believe in the power of fire and smoke to elevate flavors to new heights. We take pride in the art of aging where time plays a key role in unlocking the secrets of flavor. Our premium proteins, such as carefully selected prime cuts of beef, are given the time they deserve to reach the peak of tenderness and taste. 


The Boldest Grill

SKIRT is a trailblazing grill house where prime cuts of meat and fresh, sustainably sourced seafood are beautifully prepared on the centerpiece parrilla grill. We offer a modern culinary approach — that the essence of good cooking and thereby great eating is to source from the finest produce and treating it with simplicity to showcase the food for the very best that it can be.

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Dry-aged Meats

Dry-aged Meats

Sharpen your knives and savor the ultimate steaks at award-winning SKIRT, Sentosa Cove's hottest address.

Packed with unparalleled flavor and tenderness, the dry-aged "cuts of the day" are aged in-house for 21 days in a special aging cabinet under consistent conditions and lined with blocks of pink Himalayan salt to produce bold undertones of umami that grow in complexity over time.

SKIRT's produce is carefully sourced from sustainable farms to yield the best dry-aged meat. The cuts are rested at room temperature before being fired over the centerpiece Argentine-style parrilla grill using Mesquite wood-fire, charcoal, and almond wood to bring out the flavor of the meat — a true gastronomic experience for grill and wood fire specialties fans.

Chef Paul Chong

SKIRT introduces its new culinary maestro, Chef Paul Chong, known for elevating classic flavors with innovation. With over a decade of experience hailing from the esteemed Butcher Boy, Chef Paul blends tradition and modernity, drawing from Asian heritage and international influences. He's renowned for meticulous sourcing of ingredients and championing sustainability. His creations, from perfectly seared steaks to artfully plated seafood, promise a gastronomic adventure. Join SKIRT for a dining experience where every bite tells a story, guided by Chef Paul's innovative vision, redefining the epicurean landscape at this iconic establishment.
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